Ultima II – It’s over



Another Ultima down, one that I was glad to have finished just for having the right to say I completed one of the ugly unwanted children of the Ultima series.

I am all for game series growing and finding their roots, however this game and me have a special hatred for each other.

Full review coming soon!




Random Update – Ultima 1 – completed

Spoiler – Ultima 1 ending information 



Few weeks ago before I started to play through some gold box games from SSI, and Buck Rogers I was completing my favorite series Ultima.

I have been part of the Ultima dragons since 1997, and been playing them since.

However I have always wanted to go back and completed the first few games. As my experience has always been Ultima 5 onward.

The above screenshot was grabbed with my cellphone, around 1 am. I been having a bit of issues with dos box at this point and Ultima 1.

I am planning on doing a short review on Ultima I and Ultima II soon.